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An Eco-Friendly Permaculture Inspired Bed & Breakfast Inn in the North Georgia Mountains & Wine Country Near Dahlonega

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Our Philosophy

We love this earth we all call home and want to do our part to make it a better and more peaceful place. We value other religions, lifestyles and points of view that do not discriminate towards people of different colors, spiritual beliefs or sexual persuasion.
We enjoy stimulating conversations on progressive topics with our guests and talking about permaculture.  

Mary Beth & Fred, Hosts

It Began With A Dream

Mary Beth and Fred have dreamed of owning a bed and breakfast ever since Mary Beth'sFred and Mary Beth, the owners, innkeepers parents sold the family's Victorian rooming house in Cape May, New Jersey over 25 years ago.  As newlyweds, Fred and Mary Beth just couldn't afford it.

Life in The City On the Treadmill

The dream lay dormant as Fred pursued a career climbing the corporate ladder and Mary Beth raised their three boys.  Fred developed, marketed and managed luxury communities and taught college around the country. With all the moves, the clan became avid home remodelers and renovators.

In 1998 Mary Beth went back to school to get her teaching certificate.  Fred had become tired of the politics and pressure of the corporate world reaching the Executive VP rung. They moved to southern Colorado where Fred taught marketing (consumer behavior, advertising) at a state college. Mary Beth began elementary school teaching, and Fred did development and marketing consulting over the internet through Senior Housing Consulting

Escape to the Country and A Simpler Way of Life

In 2001 the family moved from Sarasota, Florida to Dahlonega, Georgia looking for the simple life in a small college town in the North Georgia mountains and wine country.

After renovating a 1915 shotgun-style house not too far from the square in Dahlonega, the family was ready to look for a weekend cabin to tinker on and enjoy.  

They Found The Inn

While scouting the countryside in Lumpkin County, Mary Beth and Fred were surprised to see thatHouse that became Cedar House Inn before renovation. the "big funky passive solar designed house" on Highway 19 was for sale.  In need of love, extensive repairs and landscaping (see "before" picture at right), the home on nearly three acres had "Our Eco Friendly B & B" written all over it.

A year later their B & B became a reality. Cedar House Inn is lovingly decorated with an eclectic decor that reflects Mary Beth and Fred's life together. From the Colorado elk antlers on the front of the house to the antique hutches that graced Mary Beth's childhood home, from the Andrew Wyeth prints bought in their Delaware years to the carved fish purchased at the Tennessee Aquarium, the house is homey and personal.

The bright funky colored mailboxes, house trim in purples, reds, greens and yellows reflect Mary Beth's love for the painted ladies victorian homes in her hometown of Cape May, NJ.

The inn and yurts reflect the couple's interest in environmentally friendly construction and lowering their ecological footprint.

Other Things to Keep Busy

In addition to running the inn Fred works on restoring their old VW's. He also enjoys implementing marketing and advertising strategies and methods he used in his past business and college teaching jobs.

Mary Beth our 1984 VW Westy Camperenjoys guest relations and creating new vegetarian recipes for breakfast.

Both have completed a permaculture design program and offer consulting in living in a more sustainable manner. They do not have the "prepper" mentality as it relates to permaculture but practice it to care for the Earth. For more information visit

Both are always working in the yard and gardens or thinking of new things to enhance the property.

Their Passions

Both enjoy sharing with guests how they have learned to live the "simple life" in an eco friendly sustainable way. In fact they received their first cell phone as a 2008 Christmas gift and purchased their first laptop computer May 2009.  

Always seeking ways to minimize their carbon footprint they like to share their experiences and knowledge with guests when prompted. Breakfast and evening discussions often evolve around green living,Karma wearing the cat bib to protect the birds latest world developments and world politics.

Not loyal to any specific political party or religious dogma they tend to have progressive views on national/world affairs, human rights, social programs and celebrate diversity.

They embrace the LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) movement. Both adopted a primarily vegetarian diet two years ago due to strong feelings on animal rights and the negative impact on the environment from factory meat farms but occasionally enjoy sustainably/humanely raised meat.

They are also mindful of maintaining good health through diet and healthy lifestyles. Both use natural/herbal/holistic methods during times of illness versus conventional medicine. In 2010 they started a successful permaculture veggie garden and are turning the property into a permaculture demonstration site.

Other members of the family are Karma, our cat.Our official greeter, Stu

Fred and Mary Beth enjoy their two grown sons who live in the area.

Fred and Mary Beth are also enjoying their 1984 VW Westy camper which they use for trips during the inn's off season and weekdays to mountain/beach camping areas.

They also have a first generation Honda Insight two seater that gets 50 mpg and a 1981 VW Rabbit Turbo-Diesel truck (Fred is restoring) that gets 50 mpg.

 "Thanks for a wonderful weekend! Your beautiful mountain inn is a delightful place to be. The decor is so cozy and the food fabulous. Your focus on the environment is an inspiration..." Linda and Buzz, Michigan

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