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An Eco-Friendly Permaculture Inspired Bed & Breakfast Inn in the North Georgia Mountains & Wine Country Near Dahlonega

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Eco Store
At the Cedar House Inn and Yurts we try to be good stewards of the earth's natural resources. This page provides sources for some of the products we have installed for conservation and gives information on other products that are good for the environment.

Greywater Systems for Gardens
For more information on greywater reuse methods visit Greywater

Composting Toilets for Homes, Cabins and More. We use them in our yurts.
For more information on composting toilets visit Composting Toilets

Vortex Water Revitalizers to improve drinking water and water used for household and gardening purposes. We use a sink mounted model in our main kitchen for guests to enjoy structured water in their drinking bottles for hiking. We also use the water for cooking, making tea and coffee.
For more information on Vortex Water Revitalizing Units for your home visit Vortex Water Revitalizers


Cedar House Inn & Yurts

An eco-friendly bed & breakfast in the North Georgia mountains.
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