Georgia Organics

Georgia Organics is an association that is trying to support and encourage more production and utilization of organic food grown in Georgia. The State is not known for it’s organic practices compared to other regions of the country.

At Cedar House Inn we purchase organic free range eggs and organic milk for preparing breakfast dishes for our guests. In our area we also have an organic farm, Revival Gardens, who sells locally grown organic vegetables.

In a recent Georgia Organics ezine they asked reader’s the following question which I found interesting: What’s the single biggest obstacle to growing more sustainable farmers in the state of Georgia?

The Answers were interesting but not totally surprising and are noted below.

Low prioritization of university system – 20.8%
Lack of political will – 25.0%
Powerful special interests – 54.2%
Lack of training amongst cooperative extension service – 4.2%

I was dissappointed in the university system percentage being so high since as an ex college professor I expected,encouraged and experienced innovation.

Lack of political will in Georgia is not only a problem in Georgia among our lawmakers in organics but anything progressive or innovative. Lack of political will to take on nasty big coal for electrical generation is another Georgia political problem.

Powerful special interests is a real key problem in Georgia and around the country. Even Michelle Obama is taking heat for planting the White House garden with organics.

For more information on the Georgia Organic’s Association visit Georgia Organics.

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