Cedar House Inn and Yurts on Peta Blog

Our inn is mentioned often on blogs since it is somewhat unique compared to traditional bed and breakfast inns. Some of the unique characteristics are eco- friendly, green, yurts, vegetarian and vegan breakfast available and much more.

PETA, an animal rights organization, mentioned our yurts in their blog on the “Top Five Ways to spend your Tax Refund. The yurts were mentioned on the 5th way which was to stay at a vegetarian bed and breakfast inn.

We have supported PETA in the past by giving them 2 free nights for a drawing/contest they were sponsoring. We support their efforts to educate the public on the benefits to the Earth and person in a vegetarian lifestyle.

In regards to serving vegetarian breakfast we do it for the environment, animal rights and it is the healthy thing to do. We primarily follow a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet as innkeepers.

The PETA blog entry is here.

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